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Cyber Law Consortium

(214) 952-8947|https://cyberlawconsortium.net

A content-based organization, providing members with unique and substantive information on trends and developments in data security and data privacy.

Our Focus

The Cyber Law Consortium is a peer-to-peer “best practices” community for business leaders and professionals who have an interest in cyber security and data privacy. The Consortium’s primary focus is to educate its members on the key issues, and the potential dangers and consequences, for businesses dealing with cyber security and data privacy issues and to help members be better prepared to handle the issues when they arise. The Cyber Law Consortium will seek to promote the improved collaboration and communication between professionals with very diverse skill sets while emphasizing the view that cybersecurity should not be viewed as an IT issue only, but rather, should also be viewed as an enterprise-wide cybersecurity management team issue.

The Cyber Law Consortium is the first national organization to fully embrace the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) mantra that cybersecurity not be viewed as only an IT issue but as an Enterprise-wide Cybersecurity Management (ECM) Team issue.  The NACD Director’s Handbook on Cyber-Risk Oversight is built around five core principles that are applicable to board members of public companies, private companies, and nonprofit organizations of all sizes and in every industry sector.

Our Composition

The Consortium is primarily composed of senior in-house counsel and executives who are responsible for the general and specialized legal, technical, and corporate governance issues related to data privacy and information security. The Consortium also seeks to include other key business leaders concerned and engaged in the issue of information security, including corporate C-level executives, chief technology and chief information officers, corporate board members, and leaders at governmental agencies.

Our Benefits

The Consortium provides members with substantive information regarding trends and developments in cyber security and data privacy through the following efforts:

  • Regular roundtable discussions involving leading principals with a wide range of experiences to share;
  • Quarterly programs for members featuring expert commentary and insight regarding trends, developments, and case studies from those who have experienced breaches or infringements and those who have successfully thwarted such threats;
  • Quarterly programs especially designed for your Enterprise-wide Cybersecurity Management (ECM) Team which will focus on their corporate, legal, and ethical responsibilities as well as identify evolving technologies and future IT trends that will impact their ability to govern responsibly as Governance Level Principals;
  • Regular networking opportunities to meet others who are confronted with similar cyber security and data privacy challenges;
  • News updates emailed to members regarding developments, trends, and government actions on the subject of cyber security and data privacy;
  • Exclusive white papers and articles written by Consortium members and other outside experts that provide unique, in-depth, and substantive content ranging from case studies and best practices to legal trends and developments in corporate governance.

Please contact us if you are interested in participating in the Cyber Law Consortium, have an interest in starting your own chapter, or if you have any questions. We also want to hear from you on particular topics you would like the Cyber Law Consortium to feature in its programs.

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